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On The Luck of an Irish Sailor is a fantasy about a young cabin boy who is rescued from drowning by a mermaid. It is told in the voice of the boy, now an old man. Sailor springs from the imagination of a young, then 15-year-old Mike Mirabella, inspired by the tall tales he heard as a small child from his seafaring uncles and grandfather.

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review

Sailor is written as a children’s story-song and illustrated by Amy O’Hanlon, a brilliant and talented illustrator whose art perfectly captures the whimsy and humor of Mike’s text. It’s appropriate for any age level and promises to put a smile on the faces of young and old alike.

Mermaid Pam, Pirate Amy, and Sailor Mike
Listen to the musical score by Mike Mirabella sung by Shay Black!


Amy O'Hanlon, Illustrator
Amy O’Hanlon


Amy O’Hanlon is a designer and illustrator from the Bay Area currently working in London. She began working as a freelance illustrator after getting her bachelor’s degree in 2012 and is continuing her education at Kingston University.